Every house has a story

Château des Cologny is one of the most remarkable historical homes in the Pays des Gex. The manor is located in Cessy, just 15 kilometers from the centre of Geneva.

In the past the Château des Cologny made part of a fiefdom under the
suzerainty of the lords of Gex. The first owner, the Mareschal family, passed
it on by inheritance to the Pitegny family who sold it to the Cologny family at
the beginning of the 16th century. Consequently, the Château des Cologny was
sold to Jean-François Payronnet, surgeon and provost of Gex, in the 18th

The fortified house, which has undergone major alterations over the
centuries, still has a well with the coat of arms of the Livron family. A
gate gives access to the inner courtyard. This portal, with a double entrance –
a very small one surmounted by a beautiful brace and the other one in a basket
handle, is covered by a four-sided roof. These entries, which date from the
early 16th century, are quite rare in the Gex region.

The courtyard is surrounded by farm buildings: barn with stables, brick oven
for bread, dovecote and press.

The main house building has 1622 engraved in stone and the well is from


Château des Cologny is located in Cessy, Pays de Gex, France.

By car : follow RN 5 towards Gex. Parking available in the centre of Cessy. By bus : take bus F from Geneva train station and get off at “Cessy Centre” – www.tpg.ch/fr.

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