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Join the Association to support the artists residencies and other events we organize during the year to promote cultural heritage and arts.

Join the association


- Young friends (<25): €20.00
- Friends: €50.00
- Friends duo: €80.00
All our Friends receive a dedicate newsletter and are invited to all events organized by the Association. Friends will be invited to preview events of exhibitions and to the annual event to announce the program of the Association.
- Good friends: €300.00
All Good friends will be invited to our annual cocktail and to previews of exhibition and special sales.
- Excellent friends: €1,500.00
Our Excellent friends will be invited to both our annual cocktail and dinner. In addition to previews of exhibition and special sales.
- Amazing friends: €5,000.00
All of the above and a weekend at the Château des Cologny at the time of the artists residency.
- Forever friends: €20,000.00
In addition to all of the above, our Forever friends will be our guests at Château des Cologny for one week anytime during the year.